Presenter Information

Congratulations for your contribution to ARES 2022!
Please carefully read these instructions until the end as they contain important information!

The lecture rooms will be equipped with a pc/laptop that you can use for your presentation. Please note the presentation format should be 16:9. VGA and HDMI connection is possible in the rooms as well, in case you want to use your own device. Other adapters will be available as well. If you need any further technical requirements please let us know prior to your talk (

Presentation length:

  • ARES Best Paper session 20min + 10min Q&A
  • ARES sessions (full, short & SoK paper) 18min + 4min Q&A
  • CD-MAKE sessions 18min + 4min Q&A
  • ARES workshops 15min + 5min Q&A
  • Invited talks, presentations (non-authors) & workshop keynotes as agreed with the workshop chairs

Attendance / remote presentation:

In general, we require physical attendance and presentation of the papers, however we will offer remote presentation if physical attendance is not possible and no substitute (e.g. co-author) is available (decision will be made on a case to case basis). Please contact us directly if you require remote presentation (just in case contact us again, even if you already let us know). We will require you to present live via Zoom and answer questions about your paper. Additionally you need to prepare a pre-recorded video until August 15th, 2022, this is necessary as a backup in case there are technical issues.